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GV Research Institute for Media Studies

Support Services through Study Centres: Fully functional Study Centres have been established all over the country and abroad to provide the students a platform to interact with counselors, industry experts and peers. Students would be getting personal attention at these centres in addition to the hands-on-training on the respective fields and also access to well stocked library.

Programme Delivery: A multi-form of instruction has been adopted, comprising of :

a) Print material: Study material for all subjects, which are supplied in the form of books.

b) Counseling Sessions: Will be held at Study Centres, to suit the convenience of candidates.

c) Practical Sessions: Will be held at the Study Centres and or during field visits.

d) Assignments: For assessment, evaluation and for feedback of comprehension of theory classes and practicals under gone during face to face programmes.

e) Project work: To enable the candidate to gain an insight into independent working on a practical project.

Credit System: The University follows the 'Credit System' for its Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes. Each credit entails approximately 30 hours of study comprising of all activities. Thus, a 3-credit course involves 90 study hours. This helps the candidates to understand the academic efforts one has to put in suitably to complete the course.

Face to Face Programme: Practical, Tutorial, Lab Work, Workshop and Professional Programmes are not conducive through distance education mode, hence face to face mode is introduced. The student has an opportunity to complete the theory contents of the subjects in the class rooms of the Study Centres through competent faculties during flexi hours or in part time mode and practical, labs, experiments and workshop assignments are completed in GRIMS study centers having the required infrastructure.

Instructional System: The methodology of instruction in Karnataka State Open University is different from that of the conventional Universities. The Open University system is more learner-oriented, so much so, the candidate has to be invariably an active participant in the teaching-learning process. The University allows a multi-channel approach for instructions. The courses will be delivered through conventional distance education mode and face to face mode. In due course, more and more online interaction between teacher and the taught. Skill and dexterity will be inculcated right from the beginning though interactive learning content.

Assignments: Assignments are an integral part of learning. The purpose of assignments is to help better comprehension. The candidates may also note the following points:

a) It is compulsory to submit the assignments and will not be allowed to appear for the term-end examination of a course if one does not submit the specified number of assignments in respective courses on time.

b) All assignments should be submitted to the respective Study Centres.

c) The assignment responses should be complete in all respects. Before submission the candidate should ensure that one has answered all the questions in the assignments. Incomplete answers fetch poor grades/marks.

d) The Study Centre has the right to reject the assignments received after due date. Hence, the candidate is advised to submit the same before the due date.

e) A copy of the valued assignments will be returned to the candidates along with the marks/grades and the written comments, which serve as a learning exercise for the candidates.

f) Assignments evaluated by the Academic Counselors will be reviewed by the University from time to time.

Practical Training: Considerable importance is given to hands-on training on respective fields in this Programme. A set of practical exercise for subjects which need practical knowledge is available at the study centres. Candidate needs to do this practical exercise under the guidance of their study centre faculty or industry experts. Major part of the contact hours at the study centres will be devoted to their field visits / industry visits. At least 40% of the credit hours will be ear marked for the practical sessions acquired during field visits.

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